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Common Sports Medicine Conditions Treated

"Acupuncture for the Athlete in you"


Cervical Strain/Sprain
Rotator Cuff Tendonitis
Shoulder Bursitis
Biceps Tendonitis
Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis)
Golfer's Elbow (Medial Epicondylitis)
Low Back Pain
Lumbar Stress Reaction
Lumbar Buldging Disc/Herniation
Lumbar Stenosis
Piriformis Syndrome
Hip Impingement
Hip Bursitis
Groin Strains (Adductors, Hip Flexors, Rectus Femoris)
Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
Jumpers Knee (Patella Tendonitis) 
Knee Meniscus Tear
Knee Osteoarthritis 
Iliotibial Band (ITB) Syndrome
Hamstrings Strain, Tendonosis, Tendinopathy
Gastrocnemius/Soleus Strain
Ankle/Foot Strain and Sprain
Ankle Peroneal Tendinitis
Shin Splints (Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome)
Achilles Tendonitis/Tendonosis/Tendinopathy
Plantar Fasciitis
Morton's Neuroma
Muscles Strains
Ligaments Sprains
And More.....



Ankle Sprain

"Ever since moving to the Boston area, I had been looking for an acupuncturist to treat my numerous injuries both on and off the ice.  I've sprained both my ankles, pulled tendons, ligaments, and muscles in my groin, back, and hip, and dealt with tendonitis and shin splints, among many other injuries, but every time something happens I know I can trust and rely on George for a quick and speedy recovery, even at the last minute.  I wouldn't have been able to bounce back so quickly and compete at major national and international competitions if not for his help!  Thank you, George!"

Kevin Shum - U.S. Figure Skating and National World Team Member

"George is amazing.  His kind and gentle demeanor and cozy office makes acupuncture an enjoyable experience.  I first experienced George's mastery after spraining my ankle playing tennis.  Two visits is all it took to heal the sprain."

Yalin M.

"I contacted George for a long standing ankle injury that had bot been completely resolved through other forms of treatment.  I am a recreational athlete in my mid-40's, and I was trying to avoid surgery.  I was very impressed with George's credentials and his unique approach to healing, but I was a little apprehensive at first because I knew that so many of his other patients are professional athletes. George put those concerns to rest right away even though I am only a recreational athlete, he immediately made me feel like I was just as important as all of his famous patients.  I could tell that he genuinely cared about my recovery. I was really itching to get back on the lacrosse field and it was clear that he was just as eager as I was to see that happen.  After treating once a week for about 6-7 weeks, which is exactly the timetable that George predicted at the beginning.  I was able make a full recovery and I am now back to all of my athletic activities, including men's league lacrosse.  I feel very indebted to George for everything he has done for me and I am very glad that I made the decision to travel to Boston and treat with him despite being from out of state.  I would highly recommend him to any prospective patient."

Matt C.

"George Leung got me back on my feet in record time!  I'm a professional figure skater and I sprained my ankle badly five weeks before a skating show.  It was badly swollen and I was unable to put any weight on it when I was told to go see George.  Within five days he had me off crutches and I was able to skate the show full out with no problem.  I have never healed that fast from such a severe injury!  Can't say enough about him."

Elin Schran - Professional Figure Skater

"As a competitive athlete, my son has experienced numerous sports injuries over the years.  George offers a unique combination of East and West acupuncture as well as physical therapy experience combined with athletic training.  The typical resistance a teenager can exhibit to non traditional medicine evaporates under the calm and steady influence of George, and significant progress in healing and pain relief can be achieved, in conjunction with a program of standard rehabilitation. In this particular instance, George is treating my son for an ankle sprain, working diligently to get him back to competition ready status.  After he leaves the session, he is able to be pain free, a significant accomplishment.  He seems truly unique in his ability to take the best of both Eastern and Western medicine and utilize it to the patient's advantage."

Rose Miner - U.S. Figure Skating Championship, 2011 (Bronze Medalist), 2012 (Bronze Medalist), 2013 (Silver Medalist),  and National World Team Member

"George is great. The combination of the (electrical stimulation) acupuncture, kinesio taping, and soft-tissue manipulation  made my ankle mobile again, which is fantastic."

Stephen Carriere - U.S. Figure Skating Championship 2008 (bronze medalist), and National World Team Member

"George has helped me with a serious ankle injury, he is a great physical therapist, acupuncturist and fantastic with kinesio taping.  I've known George since I was in high school and he was the varsity trainer/taper at Brookline High School... I have recommended George to elite professional athletes (UFC) and also to my 70 year old Mom (she had a painful back injury and is now 100% pain-free, thanks to George)... George is the best!"

Melissa Bradfield - MMA Competitor/Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor

"I have suffered from tendinitis or otherwise known as "lace bite" in both of my ankles over the past few years.  Since increasing the amount of time I was spending on the ice, my tendinitis came back and was more painful than ever before.  After seeing George for acupuncture, joint mobilization, and kinesio taping, my pain gradually decreased and allowed me to continue skating.  Without George's services, I probably would not have been able to compete this season.  George has not only helped me on the ice but also off the ice with his extensive knowledge and background as an Athletic Trainer.  I would recommend him to anyone!"

Devin Wang - U.S. Figure Skating  Haydenettes Synchronized Skating Team, 2013 U.S Synchronized Skating National Champions, 2013 ISU World Synchronized Skating Championship (Bronzed Medalist)

Plantar Fasciitis/Foot Pain

"I found George after dealing with foot pain that had lingered for over a year.  My original injury (the result of half marathon training) was to the peroneal tendon, but muscle imbalances and flexibility issues kept me off the roads despite my more than earnest efforts during eight months of physical therapy and a variety of other treatments (ultrasound, massage, dry needling).  After just a few once a week visits with George, I experienced more recovery progress than I had in the prior six months!  He was able to explain the mechanics of the foot during running better than the sports podiatrist that I had seen (not to mention the orthopedist and physical therapist), which helped to correct important issues with my stride.  And the combination of treatments he uses to promote healing made for a thoroughly comprehensive recovery program.  Not only that, but George is also an attentive and personable practitioner, which made coping with the frustrations of what seemed an insurmountable injury far more bearable.  Thanks to George, I'm now back out on the roads and looking forward to a series of upcoming races!"

Scott R. - Runner

"I suffered from plantar fasciitis for two years before it became so painful I was unable to walk without a limp.  I took 10 months off from running, did physical therapy and had four steroid injections before I was referred to a surgeon.  Two surgeons told me that I would need surgery to return to a pain-free state.  The next week I started acupuncture with George as a last ditch effort to avoid the knife.  Within a few treatments my pain was decreased and four months later I ran the Boston Marathon.  I credit my recovery to George and would recommend him to anyone."

Meredith S. MD. - Marathon Runner

"I was a collegiate D1 runner and then a competitive masters marathon runner.  I had been struggling with left heal pain for 5 years, which totally comprised my marathon and subsequent triathlon training.  I was in constant pain even with walking, and I was told by several doctors that the only solution was surgery.  I started seeing George twice a week initially, then maintained once a week for many months and there was huge, sustained improvement.  I am finally able to walk and train without pain, it is whole new world!  I qualified for the 70.3 Ironman World Championships in 2016 thanks to George's magic.  I highly recommend George to competitive athletes, especially anyone who feels "stuck" with chronic pain and has been told that the only option is surgery, or to stop training.  George will get you back on your feet!"

Jody D. MD. - Marathon Runner, Triathlon Competitor

"George is amazing!  I came to him from out of town while visiting family.  For 3 months I had been having horrible pain in both feet that 3 doctors and numerous test could not diagnose or treat.  As a highly addicted distance runner, this was torture.  Shortly before coming to Boston I had visited a sports acupuncturist in my hometown, which seemed to help so I contacted George to keep the treatment going while on vacation.  This is one of the best move I have ever made.  In 3 sessions my pain was decreased to nearly zero and I was running again.  George knows not only the body, but the mind of an athlete.  He took the time to explain my physical condition as well as provide me with practical advice on getting back into distance running.  He gave me exercises and the kinesio taping techniques to take back with me as well as written notes for my hometown acupuncturist.  More than that, his personal, hands-on attention got me well on my way to healing and getting my life back.  I will always be grateful that I found him."

Amy W. -  Marathon Runner

"I came to George as a slightly cynical athlete; how could he possibly fix something that physical therapy, massage therapy, and lots of Advil hadn't been able to make a dent in?  On the recommendation of my running partner, I decided to give acupuncture a try.  I can't believe I waited so long.  After the first session, I was able to put weight on my foot-something I hadn't been able to do pain free for weeks.  After the second session, I was able to run.  Nothing short of miraculous, in my book.
George's amazing background as a physical therapist, combined with his extensive knowledge and experience as an acupuncturist is a perfect recipe for curing whatever ails you.  He is attuned to the specific needs of the athlete, and is able to fine tune his treatments to get one healed up and back on the roads/fields/rinks in record time.  And yet it is never a quick fix.  Along with treatment comes a prescription for safe return to sports/fitness, and information on how to help prevent the injury from recurring.
George is kind, patient, and understanding; his demeanor assists in creating a calm, peaceful atmosphere in a situation that is often quite stressful.  Athletes really want to be pain free immediately and George is just the person to help you do that."

Dara K. - Marathon Runner/Personal Trainer

"I first went to George for plantar fasciitis, which had previously put me out of action for two years.  He had me running again within weeks, and entirely recovered within a few months.  I went back to him for a frozen shoulder, which he also cleared up with his usual combination of expert acupuncture and manipulation, encouragement, and good-natured optimism.  I don't even take aspirin, but I am a devoted fan of George's, and would recommend him to anyone.  I know I'm in good hands when I go to see him, and that he'll help me solve a problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.  A total pro, and a good guy."

Carlo R. - Marathon Runner

Gastronemius/Soleus Strain

"My first experience with acupuncture has set the bar extremely high.  As far as I'm concerned, George Leung is the best there is.  He is skilled, personal, caring, and extremely helpful.  George has a calming presence and provides a soothing treatment atmosphere that has me relaxed enough to dose off while receiving treatment.  I very highly recommend him!
I was training to run the Boston Marathon 2018 and developed an ache on my calf during one of my runs.  Another runner had referred me to George and said with a couple of visits, George can fix anything.  Knowing the the marathon was just 3-4 weeks away, I went to visit George.  He explained the treatment to me especially since it was my first encounter with acupuncture.  My calf felt better on my next run but kept my follow-up appointment to be sure.  Before my next visit, I ran my longest run (21 miles) and my hamstrings started acting up to a point that it was uncomfortable to run.  I mentioned this to George on my next appointment and George provided me the follow-up treatment for my calf and started treating my hamstrings.  The treatment that I received alleviated the uncomfortable tight hamstrings muscle and allowed me to keep training for Boston.  Thanks to George, he was able to provide me with the necessary treatments to allow me to run the Boston Marathon.  Glad to report that I am a Boston Marathon finisher."

Zelia M. - Marathon Runner

"After a running injury, I was referred to George from running fried and it was the best decision I made this year for my running career.  From the moment I walked into his office until the end of the session, I knew I was in good hands.  George is simply the best-most experienced, patient, dedicated, knowledgeable practitioner I know.  Having been to many other doctors and technicians for running injuries, I now just make one phone call to George and I am good!   Over the past several months he has treated me and prepared me for many races and helped me finish injury-free."

Rachel Glazer, President & Chief Creative Officer Rachel G Events, LLC, www.rachelgevents.com - Marathon Runner

"After trying many forms of muscular therapy and massages to heal a running injury, I decided to visit George at East/West Sports Acupuncture and it was the best decision I made to help me cross the Boston Marathon finish line injury free!  George came highly recommended by many experienced marathon runners and was able to quickly identify the source of the injury and treat it spot on.  I felt much better after one visit, and completely healed after 3 or so visits.  I continued to see George throughout my marathon training season to ensure that I remained injury free and, during the training weeks, he helped me address various aches that came up during my long runs.  George was always very professional, timely with his appointments, and efficient with his treatments.  I felt  ready and strong on marathon day and thank George for his knowledge and assistance."

Roberta L. - Marathon Runner

Shin Splints

"I came to East/West Sports Acupuncture in January 2019 while training for the Boston Marathon in hopes of alleviating posterior tibial tendinitis pain. After a weekly regimen of acupuncture and physical  therapy, I was pain free by the end of March!  I successfully ran the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2019 with no posterior tibial pain!"

Suzanne V. - Marathon Runner

"For two years I had been dealing with a fascia tear and shin splints.  I tried every single thing possible to get rid of the pain.  I wore a boot for months, went to PT twice, saw a sports chiropractor and finally tried some orthotics.  I was feeling defeated when nothing was making me feel like I can run the way I used to, without pain.  In addition, I had been training for the Boston Marathon and felt like I could not train the way I needed to.  I was relieved just talking with George on the phone, he was incredibly positive and made me feel like we would figure out the issue no matter what.  After one visit, my pain level was significantly lower.  I felt better and better after each visit.  I ended up training and finishing the Boston Marathon without injuring myself and with very limited pain.  I am forever grateful for George and will most definitely be going back when I am training next year!"

Rachel S. - Marathon Runner

"George was a life saver in my Boston Marathon journey.  Not only did he help me physically, he gave me the confidence I needed to cross the finish line.  Sessions with George were an integral part of my training and I looked forward to my hour with him every week.  I would highly recommend acupuncture and George to any athletes - whether you dealing with specific issue or just wanting to keep yourself tuned up!"

Stephanie G. - Marathon Runner

"George is a miracle worker!  As a long distance runner I thought I had tried everything to help with the aches and pains that happen during training cycles.  That was until I met George.  Eight weeks before the Boston Marathon I was diagnosed with posterior tibial tendonitis and thought lacing up my sneakers on Marathon Monday was not going to happen.  Walking was painful and running was out of the question.  After learning about acupuncture and discussing how to alter my training plan to include both acupuncture and kinesio tape my foot pain started to subside and my miles started to increase.  George had me running again and on April 16th I ran the most epic Boston Marathon with no pain from my tendonitis and qualified for the 2019 Boston Marathon.  George works miracles!"

Katie L. - Marathon Runner

"I had been struggling with posterior tibial tendonitis in both calves for two years before I started to see George.  I saw my beloved PT, had Graston therapy, tried taking a complete break from running for three months - anything I could think of, with very limited success.  I was intrigued by acupuncture, but I had no idea how to pick a provider, or if it would even help my injury, I am so glad that I finally took the plunge and booked an appointment with George.  He put me immediately at ease, and talked me through the whole treatment plan.  Now, less than a year later, my symptoms are completely in check, and I can run pain free.  It has been a such a gift to work with George!"

Maddy C. - Marathon Runner

"George is a fantastic acupuncturist.  I would absolutely recommend George to any athlete with any variation of an ache or pain.  He is incredibly knowledgeable, especially regarding high-intensive sports, and how the body functions.  I will gladly put my trust in his gentle hands for any ailment in my body. Amazing work."

Gretchen Donlan - U.S. Pair Figure Skating and National World Team Member 

"After undergoing physical therapy for three years for chronic shin splints, I finally overcame my skepticism of the benefits of acupuncture and made an appointment with George.  He took the time to explain the source of my pain, the philosophy behind acupuncture, and the treatment process.  Within one month of acupuncture treatment, coupled with George's expert hand in kinesio taping, I felt better than I had in years.  George is akin to miracle-worker! I am back to running and cycling without the pain and soreness that once plagued me.  Not only is George knowledgeable and skilled, his kind and easy-going manner make him a wonderful practitioner.  I am pleased with the success I have had.  My only regret is not having contacted George sooner."

Erin M.

"George has helped me overcome two separate running injuries, both due to overuse while training for the Boston Marathon.  In both cases, he was able to quickly reset my health and I was able to get back to running quickly and pain free.  George is an excellent listener and really understands long distance running and how important it is for runners to get back out on the road. George is very flexible with scheduling and quickly responds to emails and texts.  He is truly an expert in his field but most importantly, he is professional and kind.  Thanks George!"

Claire D. - Marathon Runner

Achilles Tendonitis

"After getting injured late into marathon training with an achilles issue, I was terrified that I wouldn't be healed in time to run the Boston Marathon.  I called George and got the first appointment I could.  George talked me through the entire process and made me feel so comfortable.   He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and seriously works magic!  After only a few appointments and a lot of stretching (great suggestions from George!) I was healed and felt 100% again running.  Thank you, George!"

Jill S. - Marathon Runner

"I came George because I was no longer able to walk or run without extreme pain in my achilles.  I had never tried acupuncture before.  On my first visit, George was very thorough explaining how acupuncture worked and what it would feel like.  I felt comfortable the whole time and appreciated his explanations.  In addition to the electrical stimulation acupuncture, George manipulated and stretched my ankles and initially did some kinesio taping and gave me stretches to do on my own.  After my initial visit, my achilles pain was already feeling better!  I was able to get back to running in just over a month, and back on track for my next marathon."

Vicky S. - Marathon Runner

"My training for the Boston Marathon was put in jeopardy by achilles tendonitis.  That is until I began working with George.  I'm happy to report I ran the entire 26.2 miles pain free. Thanks George!"

Dan M. - Marathon Runner

"I wanted to thank you so much for helping my achilles tendon to heal.  After months of not being able to run, I was finally able to start again and the pain and swelling in my achilles is significantly reduced after receiving acupuncture treatment from you.  I cannot thank you enough for helping me get back to doing the activities I enjoy and giving me the confidence to do them."

Allison K.

"I have a lateral tear in my Achilles tendon and for a couple of years, tried to improve my ankle mobility and function using physical therapy. When that did not work, I tried PRP injections. The pain was still severe and the injury was restricting my movement and I was considering surgery. The doctor recommended that I see George and try acupuncture.  At the end of my treatment, I should say that he has worked wonders in the few months I've known him.  George combines electro-acupuncture with physical therapy and this has resulted in an increase in my range of motion and mobility and I have started running again.  I have also been pain free fro the last few months.  Thank you George."

Prashanth V.

"George is fantastic.  I had so many issues when I went to my first appointment, and he helped me with every single one.  The (electrical stimulation) acupuncture and kinesio taping was essential in my recovery.  He also gave me exercises that have helped keep me injury free."

Kiri Baga - 2009 U.S. Figure Skating Championship Novice Champion, 2010 Junior World Team Member

Hip Impingement Syndrome   
"I cannot recommend George more highly.  For years I have struggled with chronic lower back, hip, and leg pain.  I sought help from George when I was too uncomfortable to run, was having trouble sleeping, and had tried other forms of therapy that just weren't making a difference.  I wish that I'd gone to him sooner!  I had never tried acupuncture before, and I was amazed by the difference it made, along with KT taping.  These two therapies, in addition to chiropractic visits, have made all the difference for me.  George is kind, listens well, and has great sense of humor.  I am so glad that I listened to the recommendation of so many friends and now know where to go when I am in need of pain relief."

Sarah G.

"I was sidelined with an injury from overuse while training for the Boston Marathon.  Even my orthopedist couldn't give me a diagnosis or an idea of how much rest I would need to heal.  Fortunately, I was connected to George and received weekly acupuncture treatments until race day.  We arranged my first appointment via text message, and he wrote, "I look forward to healing your injury."  I couldn't know at the time that he spoke with the confidence of someone who has seen his method succeed time and again.  George is professional, efficient, caring, skilled, and reliable.  He is a pleasure to work with.  Most importantly, he possesses a genuine talent and expertise in healing injured athletes.  I know that without his care I would not have been able to sufficiently train for the marathon.  Before I went to see George, I couldn't run more than two miles without pain.  Two weeks into the treatment I was easing back into long runs.  He is a miracle worker and anyone would be lucky to work with him."

Melissa Merres, www.merrescoaching.com - Marathon Runner

"My daughter, Analise, started acupuncture with George two years ago to help alleviate the pain and swelling on her hip due to bursitis.  She had tried several other therapies but nothing seemed to help.  My husband, a retired Major League Baseball player, suggested that she try acupuncture because it helped some of the pitchers on his team.  Before receiving treatment, Analise was a little nervous that the treatment would be painful.  She was pleasantly surprised when she realized that the tiny needles didn't hurt at all.  After treatment, she had immediate relief!  She could walk and climb stairs without feeling stabbing pain in her hip.  Over the next couple of days, she continued to see a significant decrease in pain and swelling.  I can say with certainty that acupuncture has helped Analise get back to training faster and has played an important role in allowing her to be ready to compete in the 2017 U.S. Figure Skating Nationals."

Analise Gonzalez - U.S. Figure Skater

"Over the past three years George has been instrumental in helping our daughter heal from one injury to another while giving precise treatment and shortening the recovery time.  Whether it was a hip, back, or ankle injury.  George was able to assess the course of treatment needed in eliminating pain and reducing recovery time, allowing her to return sport as a competitive figure skating sooner than later.  Thank you George!"

Marietta Atkins - U.S. Figure Skater

"I have been seeing George for acupuncture for over four years, and I believe that his treatments have been instrumental in allowing me to stay injury-free.  His expertise has helped me to remain healthy and on the ice, despite the intense stress that competitive skating places on my body.  His treatments go above and beyond that of traditional acupuncture.  I find his use of electrical stimulation to be particularly effective, allowing the needles to get deeper into my muscles and accelerate the healing process.  He also finishes treatments with massaging, stretching, and kinesio taping, ensuring that I am ready to get back on the ice the next day.  Not only is George an amazing acupuncturist, but his flexibility hours make it easy to book appointments that fit into my busy schedule.  As soon as I feel a problem arise, I am able to immediately connect with him and schedule an appointment.  This is crucial because it allows me to get back to training quickly and pain-free.  As a result of George's treatments, I am confident that I can train hard in practice and trust my body to perform to it's fullest potential in competition."

Megan Wessenberg - U.S. Figure Skater and National World Team Member

"A fellow runner recommended that I visit George after I started experiencing pain in my hip while training for my first Boston Marathon.  The pain was so bad that I had to stop training, missing weeks of runs.  I was apprehensive to visit George, as I'd never had acupuncture before.  During my first visit, George spent plenty of time explaining the process and treatment.  I felt very comfortable with him, and completely trusted his expertise.  After 3 visits with George, my pain subsided and I felt in good enough condition to complete the marathon.  This never would have been possible without George - he's a miracle worker!  He even invited me in outside of my appointment to get my hip taped for the marathon, which is above and beyond the care that I've received from other providers.  Go see George!  You won't regret it."

Adrian F. - Marathon Runner

"After many months of dealing with an on and off hip injury, I decided to try acupuncture with George.  I was very fearful of needles before trying acupuncture, but George was amazing!  He walked me step by step, showed me the needles, told me the procedure, and why it would help.  Sure enough, I started to see results almost instantly.  My coaches and peers had been after me for years about the amazing work George does, and I let my fear of needles hold me back.  I wish I had gone sooner!  George is a miracle worker and I can't thank him enough!"

Alex Shaughnessy - U.S. Pair Figure Skating and National World Team Member

"I have only great things to say about George at East/West Sports Acupuncture.  I came to George with a very complex injury that I been suffering from for close to two years that required a rather complex and rare surgery.  When I saw George I had tried everything - massage, PT, graston, ART, cross training, and even acupuncture elsewhere.  George helped immensely in getting my muscles to relax and work properly after the stress of surgery.  He always took the time with my appointments treating anywhere that I said was bothering me and was incredibly positive (which I needed after the rough two years).  I cannot recommend George and his practice enough!"

Caitlin Hallinan - Elite runner and coach

"I contacted George when I had run out of other options for my hip pain. Over the previous 18 months I had been diagnosed with  a hip stress fracture and a hip labral tear in the same joint.  Both injuries were caused by running and overuse.  I had patiently worked through many months of PT and a slow return to running, but I still had pain after most short runs, and longer runs caused pain that would linger for many days.  I felt at least some hip pain daily.  Within a week of my treatment, I felt a difference.  I received ~7 weeks of weekly treatment, and a few weeks of every other week treatment from George.  Each week I was able to run a little longer, with little or no pain.  Less than 3 months after my first appointment with George, I am now running up to 10 miles with no pain during or after the run, and I am running 3 days a week and lifting weights, including heavy squats and lunges, 3 days a week, all with no hip pain before, during or after.  I wish I had found George and tried his treatments when I was first diagnosed!"  

Kathy L.

"George is the best!  I recently moved to Boston to continue my competitive career and many athletes that I train with highly recommended him.  I went in a little unsure, but I'm so grateful to have met him!  I could definitely feel an improvement after our first session together!  He is patient, thorough and incredibly personable.  I had various injuries, but his vast knowledge in acupuncture, electrical stimulation, and kinesio taping has helped me get ready and stay injury free.  I can't thank him enough for getting me healthy!"

Dee Dee Leng - U.S. Pair Figure Skating and National World Team Member

"Over the summer I had surgery on both of my hips to repair labrum tears and impingements.  George is one of the main practitioner I worked with and is a big reason why I got back onto the ice for hockey so quickly.  He is a very nice guy and truly cares about you and your goals, and the fastest way of achieving those goals.  I went to him a few times for acupuncture and it really made a difference in the way my hips felt.  I felt like after the first session I already had more mobility.  I would definitely recommend him to anyone."

Jack McNamara - Colgate University Hockey

"With George's help, I was quickly able to go back into running after I suffered a stress fracture in the hip.  George tailored his treatments according to how I was feeling and doing each week.  In addition to acupuncture and massage, George taught me stretches and exercises to hasten the healing process.  George's vast knowledge would mean nothing if he was not such a nice person, who always has an encouraging thing to say.  I am extremely thankful that I met George and was able to take part in his healing techniques."

Sarah G. - Marathon Runner

"George has incredible understanding about the human body and pain.  I first met George following more than four months of physical therapy with the hopes of combating chronic bursitis and tendonitis in my right hip.  At the age of 26, it's very frustrating and - at times - debilitating injury that's more than four years old.  The treatment that George provided has dramatically helped release constant pain and tension.  I will forever appreciate George's work to help me feel so much better."

Bettina S.

"Approximately July of 2011, I was diagnosed through a MRI with severe tendonitis and bursitis in my hip.  After 9 months of physical therapy and cortisone shots, I still had constant pain in my hip.  I was losing hope until I was referred to George by my orthopedic physician .  Even though I was very skeptical of acupuncture I decided to give it a try.  After my first weekly session I had some relief.  By my 7th session I was able to return to my spinning class and many more rigorous activities.  I am so grateful to George and would recommend him.  I am now a firm believer in acupuncture."

Marylou P.

Hamstrings Strain

"George is fantastic and so knowledgeable. I have been to many acupuncturists and could not recommend anyone more in Boston.  He readily explains the process, and how what he is doing will help your particular situation and he has healing hands.  I came with a broken leg and a recently surgically reattached hamstring, and will be coming back weekly.  Thank you George!  Looking forward to working with you for many years to come."

Gloria L.

"I've put my body through a lot of stress amid years of competitively running in high school, college and post-collegiate, and recently embarking on a new career in fitness and personal training.  I've always been a high-mileage runner who doesn't necessarily listen to her body.  My hamstrings held up with my regimen throughout my highly competitive days, but last year it was as if both of my legs, and my piriformis, threw in the towel.  My piriformis issue had nagged me before, but my hamstrings pain was new and unrelenting.  For the first time in my life, my desire and goal wasn't to train...or even run...it was simply just to sit and stand pain free.  It had gotten to the point where I was unable to sit in a car, watch television on my couch or even go to the movies without searing, burning pain in my upper hamstrings and piriformis.  I stopped running (not by choice, but via the inability), tried cortisone injections, months of physical therapy, specific stretching and strengthening routines, but to barely any result.  My husband's boss suggested I visit George for constant, now chronic pain.  I never was skeptical of acupuncture, but it wasn't on my radar.  The first time I saw George, he knew exactly the pain I was feeling and went right to work.  I asked him if he ever felt "hopeless" about a client that he wouldn't be able to help them; without hesitation, he assuredly and simply answered "Nope."  His confidence and knowledge blew me away, so I came back about 5 times within a 2-3 weeks span...night and day.  Not only have I built back up to running, but more importantly I can sit pain free.  I definitely like to push myself and the limits of what my body can handle, so I have a responsibility to stretch, strengthening and listen to my body in order for George's practice to continue to work for my issues and the plan is to visit George on a monthly basis for maintenance.  He does his job, but then I have to do mine.  George was the jumpstart to my relief, so now I feel accountable to continue to help my body heal.  Aside from the actual treatment, George is incredibly sweet, unbelievably flexible with scheduling and wholeheartedly cares about each and every patient."

Jessica Przysiecki - Competitive Runner/Personal Trainer

"George is the best and I can't thank him enough!  When I hobbled into his office for the first time, I was still struggling to walk or sit without pain and running seemed like a distant memory.  I was recovering from a grade 2 hamstrings tear and  an ACL tear.  I had been through surgery, months of Physical Therapy and had a cortisone shot but it was not enough to get me back to my love of running.  Then I met George and with his treatments, I was able to run a half marathon just 3 months later!  Acupuncture was the best decision I made."

Laurie R.

"I didn't know what acupuncture could do for my chronic hamstring injury that I tore in college playing football and it never quite completely healed properly with build up of scar tissues until I met George.  Good thing I did!  I was trying out for the Arena Football League but was unsure if my hamstring would hold up to get through the try out.  To my amazement, just after one session with George's treatment of combining acupuncture and rehabilitation I was successfully able to complete the try out pain-free and noticed more hamstring mobility.  I am hooked on Acupuncture now and use it regularly to help heal all my injuries.  Thank you George for helping me make it onto the Tulsa Talons Arena Football team.  Keep up the great work!"

Reynaldi Audate - 2011 Tulsa Talons

"I went to George after I've been suffering for months from a chronic hamstring injury that would not heal.  I was unable to do any sort of physical activity despite months of doctor's visits and traditional physical therapy.  Just after just my first session with him, though, I felt noticeably better.  The combination of his deep tissue massage, acupuncture, and home exercises has helped me work my way back to the active lifestyle that I thought I might never regain.  As a former athlete, I wish I had had George as a resource as I'm sure he would have greatly reduced my injury burden.  I will be forever grateful to his kindness and his work to improve my quality of life."

Natalie F.

"Never thought I would find myself lying face down with needles in my leg but in the capable hands of George Leung, I actually look forward to it.  His gentle manner and knowledge of both acupuncture and physical therapy, have gotten me back on my bike and back to running.  Finally the hamstring that got in my way is healed.  Now George is treating my golfer's elbow so that I can go back to upper body weight lifting."

Rena S.

"For the first time in over three years I feel that my very persistent nagging hamstrings injury is being fully treated.  The acupuncture in combination with the stretching and exercise regimen are leading me on a road to major recovery with a great education about the interconnected muscles along the way.  East/West has been terrific....and very relaxing during the acupuncture to boot!  I look forward to thinking about my chronic problem in the past one day soon.

Priscilla K.

Frozen Shoulder

"Thank you George Leung for helping get my frozen shoulder fixed in record time!  I had the same problem on the right side  several years ago and it took a full year of physical therapy to get better.  This time with the help of acupuncture combined with PT the healing was 6 months!  So happy I decided to try this treatment!  George was calming and competent, essential for me as a first time acupuncture patient!  I can't recommend him highly enough!"

Melanie Andrade - Nurse

"George is extremely knowledgeable in acupuncture & orthopedics.  He has treated me with stunning results for shoulder pain or adhesive capsulitis; a condition that causes restriction of motion in the shoulder joint.  The treatments that I received were amazing.  A combination of acupuncture and rehabilitation.  My quality of life is so much better.  Thanks George!"

Lisa V.

"George has worked wonders on my surgically repaired shoulder.  My rehabilitation was going slow when I first went to see George.  I reached a limit on the range of motion and was uncertain on what to do next.  I was willing to try acupuncture but didn't know where to go.  George is very professional.  His initial consultation is very thorough.  He was able to get the source of the problem quickly and it improved right away.  It's a great blend of sports acupuncture and rehabilitation.  Highly recommended!"

Stewart S.

"George treated my shoulder condition with a combination of acupuncture and physical therapy, and the results far exceeded my expectations.  Now I can play basketball and golf again (after almost 8 years of frozen shoulder syndrome).  I highly recommend George's great combination of East and West techniques."

Rich P.

Shoulder Impingement

" When I came to George, I felt like a mess.  I have been playing the baritone sax for close to 20 years and was in near constant discomfort from all the repetitive stress injuries I had.  George asked me some questions, analyzed how I moved and held the sax, and then got to wok.  I've been seeing him for about a year and half now and I feel like a different person.  I have more mobility and more connection into all parts of my body.  It's easier to play the sax and I'm happier every day.  George has changed my life with his work.  He'll likely change yours too."

Ben Whiting - Musician

"I highly recommend George for both chronic and acute injuries.  He is extremely knowledgeable and has helped my injuries heal quickly.  I found it comforting that he works with a wide range of athletes and has an extensive sports medicine background.  I initially came in with some upper body overuse injuries that have been bothering me for over a year, which he was able to fix up in a few sessions.  He was also able to help my torn hamstrings heal up quickly.  George is skilled, professional, and truly cares about his patients."

Nat S.

"At the PT clinic where I was a patient last fall, George helped me understand my injury and the ensuing shoulder tendinitis and joint pain.  He taught me exercises to strengthen and support my neck, arm and shoulder.  When I found out George is also an acupuncturist I started seeing him for treatments.  To my great relief, the inflammation and pain that had plagued me for months were finally brought under control.  I can do my art work and use the computer again!  George's knowledge and practice of both Western and Eastern healing techniques and thorough, professional approach are ideal."

Anne P.

"As a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, I put a lot of wear and tear on my body.  I came to George originally for a year long shoulder issue which he resolved in a month.  George has also successfully treated my lower and upper back and knee issues.  I've even pulled muscles in my upper back and have left his office 90% better after just one session!  The combination of acupuncture, rehabilitation, and kinesio taping is a recipe for success.  I can't say enough about the high quality of George's practice, his skill and knowledge both as an acupuncturist and rehabilitation specialist, and his ability to help heal the body.  I couldn't recommend him more highly."

Elizabeth Heller - 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do

Lateral and Medial Elbow Epicondylitis

"I have tried acupuncture and dry needling with some success.  If you are an athlete with a physically demanding job, electro-acupuncture with George Leung is guaranteed. He said my forearms would be fine in six treatments, coupled with band exercises and he was right.  Sent my climbing project on the first go after being away from it for a year.  Thanks George!"

Lisa Caldwell - Rock Climbing

"You have to a cross mental barrier before you agree to let somebody stick needles into you.  George has the magic healing touch that let's you know you made the right decision.  I had to shut down my golf season halfway through last summer thanks to severe golfer's elbow pain.  Through a combination of physical therapy and acupuncture I improved markedly and now am looking forward to the coming golf season.  George hits all the right spots.  Acupuncture is a really beneficial therapy that I highly recommend.  With George, you'll know you have someone who knows what he's doing."

Richard N.

"I was referred to George for a consultation about pain in my arm, shoulder, and back by my massage therapist who goes to him for her own treatment. From my understanding, George is a rare breed of physical therapist and acupuncturist, so he is more knowledgeable than most treatment providers regarding the potential benefits of different ways of working on orthopaedic problems like mine. George diagnosed my problems (there were actually two problems affecting one another!) quickly and efficiently and recommended acupuncture to treat the pain. He was confident that I would be feeling better in only a few sessions, which gave me some instant relief, as well as assurance that he wants people to recover quickly and get on with their activities.
I did not know what to expect from acupuncture and I have been very pleasantly surprised! The pain associated with my "tennis elbow" dissipated greatly after just two acupuncture treatments with electro-stimulation. The experience of going to my acupuncture appointments is really relaxing and restorative. I feel a lot more aware of the issues in my body after talking to George about them. He does a great job of providing education about the interplay of the bones and muscles, and provides demonstrations of exercises for me to do at home. He is a consummate professional and I highly recommend him."

Kathy W.

Iliotibial Band Syndrome

"I found George at East/West Sports Acupuncture & Orthopaedics after seven long months of struggling with a tight IT-band.  As I reflect back on the progress I have made since that first day, I can confidently say that meeting him was one of the best moments of my life.  I had attended physical therapy for months prior with little to no results or relief.  After just two visits with George I had significantly less pain and was running again for the first time in seven months!  George was very informative when diagnosing the cause of my pain and he was very confident in the route we were going to take to heal it.  He gave me hope, alongside a successful treatment plan that cured my knee issues, giving me back my normalcy.  I am a firm believer and proof of his wonderful healing practice.  George is a true professional in his field and when you go to see him, just know that you are in the best possible hands.  I cannot thank or recommend him enough.  George Leung is simply the best and I am so grateful that I found him!"

Victoria C.

"George has been an amazing provider of care for our family.  We were introduced to him and came highly recommended by a friend who trains skaters professionally.  Our first encounter with George was with our 15 year old daughter who is a competitive soccer player.  She suffered an injury to her IT band and had been unable to play for weeks.  George treated her twice and she found so much relief.  She was able to play immediately after the first treatment and was pain free after the second.  He was careful to review with her what had happened to lead to the injury and planned out with her what she needed to do to remain injury free.  George is patient, a great listener and great with kids. Since then, he has also treated our 13 year old son who was experiencing tremendous growing pains and who was terrified of needles.  George was able to sit with him, explain the treatment and engage him in the process of the treatment.  Both kids love the care that George provides!  Can't recommend him enough!"

Ximena S.

"A friend suggested that I go to see George when I started having knee pain two months before I was scheduled to ride 163 miles in the Pan-Mass Challenge.  I had never had acupuncture before and was slightly skeptical but willing to try it if it would allow me to ride.  From the first visit, George put me at ease.  He quickly confirmed my suspicion of IT Band Syndrome and laid out his treatment plan.  Along the way, he explained what he was doing and why it works.  He also stressed the need to stretch every day, and I took his instructions to heart.  After 10 weeks of treatment with George I was able to ride 163 miles pain free and am very grateful to George for saving my ride!"

Maya F. - Cyclist, Pan-Mass Challenge

"I saw George after struggling for 2 years with IT band and hip pain.  I had seen several orthopedics, PTs, and chiropractors, but nothing had allowed me to get rid of what became chronic pain and return to running.  George was patient and listened as my symptoms changed, and ultimately helped me to slowly start running again and including getting over a psychological barrier I had after such a long hiatus.  I recently started racing again, and cannot thank George enough for his help in getting me there.  I only wish I had come to him sooner!"

Paige W. S. - Runner

"George saved my year.  My heart was set on completing the Boston Marathon after a decade lone hiatus, but my ITB was saying "no".  After one session, I was back to training, and after a few more I was at the finish line.  George eliminated my pain, strengthened my routine, and boosted my confidence."

Mitchell W. - Marathon Runner

"I can't say enough good things about George!  Over the course of 8 weeks he got my knee healthy and strong enough to run the Boston Marathon.  After battling pain and inflammation for over a year, George's treatment provided the relief I had been desperately seeking.  As a bonus, George stayed optimistic and positive throughout treatment which made me feel confident come race day.  I'll be back next training cycle for sure!"

Cyndi Roy Gonzalez - Marathon Runner

"I came to see George at East/West Sports Acupuncture & Orthopaedics off a recommendation from my marathon coach.  Being a novice runner and training for my first marathon I ran into a IT band injury a month and a half out.  After seeing George the first time I was able to run with minimal discomfort.  George took his time to explain everything that he was going to do and how it would feel during the appointment.  I saw George four more times before the Boston Marathon and by the last appointment I had no pain or discomfort in the IT band.  I truly believe if it was not for George I would have not been able to cross the finish line on Boylston Street on Monday."

Christian C. -  Marathon Runner

"I recommend George for acupuncture treatments as well as inter-disciplinary treatments.  George treated me with care and consideration, taking as much time as needed to work on a course of treatment.  He not only uses acupuncture to treat but also massage and other therapies.  I had problems with my achilles tendon and iliotibial band tendonitis which George cleared up, and those issues have not returned!"

Donna F.

"As a long distance runner, I am constantly pushing my body beyond it's limits.  My first phone call when I've pushed it too far is to George.  He has helped me come back from injury numerous times and because I trust him to help me heal I drive two hours round trip to see him, sometimes more than once a week.  The fact that George is an Athletic Trainer as well as an acupuncturist makes him the perfect person to safely get me back to running as soon as possible while allowing me to feel confident that I am not injuring myself further.  I would (and have) absolutely recommend him to any athletes who is fighting an injury and wants to get back to the sport they love as soon as possible."

Maddy Hribar. -  Ultra Marathon Runner

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

"I heard great things about acupuncture from friends who also had sports injuries.  I had just sustained a bucket handle tear and had it surgically repaired and wanted to do acupuncture in conjunction with my standard PT.  I found George via a Google search and am so happy I did!  George is super friendly and professional and the acupuncture has helped my rehab tremendously.  I always feel great after leaving his office and would highly recommend his services if you're looking to enhance your rehab."

Aniela L.

"I can't say enough fantastic things about George at East/West Sports Acupuncture!  An athlete my who life, I suffered a torn ACL in each knee about 9 years ago and had two reconstructive surgeries.  I also tore a meniscus in each knee.  I am no stranger to knee problems!  When I decided this year to run the Boston Marathon, I wondered if my knees would actually hold up.  About halfway through my training, I started experiencing pain, more prominently in my right knee.  A friend recommended I see George.  I immediately made an appointment, and I could not believe the results.  After the second visit, my knee was pain free.  I continued with acupuncture right up until Marathon Monday and I ran the entire 26.2 miles free of knee pain.  George is knowledgeable, skilled, and easygoing.  I felt extremely comfortable in his care!  I would recommend his practice to anyone.  Thank you George for helping me reach the finished line!"

Carla Andre - Marathon Runner

"George Leung is a miracle.  I came to him about five months after I had been diagnosed with chondromalacia patella in my left knee.  Specifically, I have cracked articular cartilage, an "unfixable" injury without major surgery.  I'm a marathon runner and multiple health care specialists told me I would never run again.  Electro-Acupuncture was strongly recommended to me by a coach after I had tried just about everything else without any success.  When I started with George in June, I was at a point where I could not run half a mile without pain.  I'm thrilled to say that the first weekend of November I completed the NYC marathon pain-free.  I owe it all to George.  Not only is he incredibly skilled, but his patience and understanding of my stress over the injury made a tremendous difference. His level of professionalism is second to none.  It took dedication and it took time but I wouldn't be back on the road without George.  I cannot recommend him strongly enough!"

Sara O'Malley - Marathon Runner

"I fractured my knee 6 years ago.  I thought running was no longer going to be part of my life.  When I started back up recently, I was having a lot of pain and limited range of motion in my knee.  After a few sessions with George, the knee felt so much better.  I completed a half marathon and now am training for a full marathon without pain in my knee!"

Jennifer G. - Marathon Runner

"My teenage daughter was having issues with pain following knee surgery.  She has a fear of needles which made her quite anxious about trying acupuncture.  George's supportive calm personality and his great skill enabled her to overcome her fear of needles.  The results were excellent as she has been able to return to her busy athletic schedule.  George is awesome!"

Michelle H.

"I have been going to George for acupuncture and orthopaedics for my two teenagers.  He has really made a difference in how they feel and they have been able to return to sports with help and encouragement from George.  In addition to great treatment, George really takes time and cares about his patients.  The treatments helped my sons knees immediately and my daughter has had relief of back and achilles pain.  I highly recommend East/West Sports Acupuncture & Orthopaedics.  George is a class act!"

Courtney and Danny O'Reagan

Low Back Pain, Sciatica, Herniated Disc

"It's long overdue for a person like George who I have come to trust more than anyone in Eastern or Western medicine.  I had a back injury a few years ago and battled with the symptoms for years, until I finally found George.  After one appointment, my low back pain was completely gone, it was an absolute miracle.
As a former competitive soccer player and avid runner, I thought I would never be able to do the things I love again, but George has given me back that hope I am so grateful.  Unless someone has gone through an injury, it's hard to describe the sense of hopelessness you feel as you go from doctor to doctor explaining what is wrong and getting no relief.  I have seen some of the best orthopedic and sports medicine doctors in the country, and none of them have helped me as much as George has.
George is the first practitioner I have met who is always able to immediately understand where I am feeling the pain and why.  Before meeting George, I had seen many other acupuncturists who provided some relief but were missing a basic understanding of sports medicine.  It got to the point where I was drawing dots on my body to show other acupuncturist where I was having pain and where certain trigger points were, but George just knows.  As someone who works in the biotech industry I have grown to appreciate the approach of Eastern medicine to managing injuries and chronic pain, but also understand the need to incorporate a more practical understanding  of human anatomy and physiology.  It's the classic East vs West dilemma, which is reflected perfectly in the name of George's practice and his background in both acupuncture and physical therapy.  George has mastered a style of acupuncture that combines the best of both worlds, which is something I thought I'd never be able to find.
I cannot explain the sense of comfort I finally have knowing that when I go to see George, he will make me better, without the need for any extensive amounts of research, explanations or directions from me.  I have sent many friends and family members with all different types of injuries (from tendinitis, to shoulder, to carpel tunnel and more) to see George, and he has helped every single on of them.
Besides the level of care and expertise George provides, he is also an overall amazing person.  George is so easy to deal with and really cares about the people he treats.  I have never come across another acupuncturist who actually keeps detailed notes on his clients and takes the time to review each individual case before and after each session.  George is not in this for the money, but instead he truly wants to help people.  Unlike other places, George's attention is completely dedicated to the patient at each and every visit.  He is careful to space out his appointments, so he is never bouncing from person to person and rushing you out the door.
I could go on about how grateful I am to have found George and his practice, but hopefully this is enough to express how amazing he truly is.  If you have any kind of injury and have been told the only answer is surgery or just to live with it, make an appointment with George, if anyone can make you better, it's him!"

Jamie C.

"I started seeing George upon recommendation from a fellow gym member to treat my chronic lower back and hip pain. He is very professional and is dedicated to his practice.  His experience, skills, and talents allow him to customize his approach for each specific client to ensure that they receive the treatment they need to heal.
George is great and I look forward to continuing my recovery journey with him."

Lauren U.

"In the time I have known George he has helped me overcome several injuries and health issues.  As a competitive skater I first went to George with a persisting hip bruise and back pain.  After the first appointment I was able to mover better than I had for weeks, and after just a few more I had made an easy full recovery.  Since my initial visit he has help me overcome shoulder tightness, knee contusions, and foot pain.  And when I'm not in pain I still make a weekly trip to see George so he can help my body recover and be more balanced after long training days.  He has truly made a significant impact in my ability to become a better athlete.  This is all particularly incredible because of my fear of needles.  George is so comforting and tailors every appointment to my needs and comfort level making it incredibly effective and enjoyable.  He has treated me with acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, kinesio taping, and massage therapy, all of which he excels at.  Thank you for everything George!"

Allison Timlen - U.S. Pair Figure Skating and National World Team Member

"I love to go see George for acupuncture every week.  I used to think needles were scary but after seeing George I realized that is was very relaxing.  George has helped me through severe back pain.  He has always been very kind and nice to me."

Emile Murdock - U.S. Figure Skater

"As a competitive figure skater,  I have experienced various injuries around my body. Whether it's my back, ankle, or knees, I know I can come to George and immediately feel relief.  Despite my fear of needles, I'm able to fall asleep during my treatments and wake up pain free and refreshed.  I would not be in one piece without him!"

Emmy Ma - U.S Figure Skater and National World Team Member, 2018 World Junior competitor, 2017 ISU Junior Grand Prix in Poland (5th place), 2017 ISU Junior Grand Prix in Lativa (3rd place)

"My daughter has been a patient of George for several years for treatment of lower back pain from figure skating.  Prior to her first visit to George, I was unfamiliar and uncomfortable with the idea of acupuncture.  However, my daughter had tried many types of treatment, without success, and George was highly recommended by other parents of figure skaters, so I decided to take her to George.  At her first appointment, George put all my fears to rest, as he explained the entire procedure to both my daughter and I.  She felt relief from the back pain almost immediately after the acupuncture session and has continued to seek treatment from George whenever she experiences soreness and tightness in her back.  George is very professional, friendly, accommodating of patient's schedules, and truly cares about his patients.  If you are considering trying acupuncture or looking for a new provider, I would recommend him without hesitation."  

Natalie Sangkagalo - U.S./Thailand Figure Skater

"I have been to 5 different acupuncturists and George is by far the best.  I played soccer through college, and was also on the rowing team for a few years in college.  I have a bulged disc in my lower back that started early in my college career, and a few times a year since the original injury, some of the nerves in the area will get irritated and all my lower back muscles will seize up.  I found in college that acupuncture was the most effective method to decreased my pain in this area, and with less pain it was easier for me to get through rehabilitation and strengthening exercises.                                                                                                    When I moved to the Boston area after college, I knew I would need to find a new acupuncturist, started researching online, and decided to visit East/West Sports Acupuncture.  I am so glad I did, because the progress I've made on my back since then is astounding.  I am in my mid-twenties, and still am very active, playing soccer at least three times a week, hiking on weekend, and running or hitting the gym for all the time in between.  George is very professional and explains everything in a very digestible format.  It is so comforting to work with him as an athlete, as he has a lot of experience with athletes of all levels.  After working with him for the first time, I stood up after the acupuncture therapy and my back muscles were completely relaxed and there was no residual pain, which I had never experienced before.  Previously, this pain (although decreased by acupuncture therapy) would last at least a month.  George also planned out more rehabilitation and strengthening exercises for me to follow up with and stayed in contact with me about my progress.  You can tell that he really cares about the progress and well being of his patients and he will always be my first choice in the future for any orthopedic needs.  These residual incidents have decreased immensely, and it is all thanks to George.  I recommend him to everyone in need of orthopedic assistance or sports rehabilitation therapy of any kind." 

Danielle A.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

"George has an incredible understanding of the human body.  I am a avid runner and athlete and only in my 20's with severe hip, back, and sciatica like pain.  After a long 2 months of pain, multiple doctors, specialist and scans I was so disappointed no one could figure out what was wrong with my back.  I was in so much pain and so sad I wasn't able to keep running and train for my race that was in a few short months.  When I first saw George it was in light of hope.  I could tell he was genuine about healing my pain and as quickly as he could.  He pinpointed where the problem could be and gave me stretches to go along with treatment.  Within two weeks I was pain free and back to running.  He helped me so much and I couldn't thank him enough.  I've been to acupuncture before but nothing compared to the acupuncture treatment techniques George used on my back.  He truly did want me to succeed and took my concerns seriously.  I have bee pain free, returned to running and was strong enough to finish my race injury free and with great time.  Thank you George!"

Julie P. -  Marathon Runner

"I was having a lot of back pain and I kept going to many different physical therapists and doctors and nothing was making the pain any better.  I finally came to see George and after one visit the pain went away!  He found the muscle that was causing the pain, used acupuncture with electrical currents and then kinesio tape and it felt so much better! I've been seeing George regularly ever sine and fixes any problems I may have, from my neck to my foot.  I always trust him to fix it!"

Christina Gao -  U.S.  Figure Skating Championship 2011 (5th place), 2012 (5th place), 2013 (5th place), and National World Team Member

"I am an acupuncturist myself and when I started experiencing musculoskeletal issues, I immediately thought of George.  When I first went in, I had pain in my upper and lower back, plus tingling and numbness down both arms and both legs.  I am normally a very active person, and the symptoms were keeping me from exercising normally and made it challenging to see patients.  After the first session, the pain I felt for a month subsided about 50%.  After 4 or 5 subsequent treatments, most of my symptoms were markedly improved or gone.  I trust George to pinpoint the source of the problem, treat it and also give patients stretches or suggestions for home work. Thanks George!"

Nicole Brown - Acupuncturist

"No pain, no cane!  Went to George Leung for a series of treatments to relief excruciating pain from sciatica.   George has a wonderful touch and combines his expertise in acupuncture, orthopedics, physical therapy and kinesiology taping to provide me mobility and complete pain-free after 6 sessions.  (Did do another 4 sessions with other acupuncturists prior to seeing George).  What is most appreciated is the additional advice about activities where I should be conservative, and activities where to push ahead in the healing process.  Completely managed to avoid invasive steroid shot to the spine for my herniated discs.  Intend to keep up with the maintenance therapy to make sure I maintain back health."

Tina Wong-Russell

"Last summer I could not run without straining my left calf.  I would take 2 or 3  weeks off usually more than enough time for a strain to heal and then go for a run and strain it within 15 minutes.  I stretched it, wrapped it, iced it, and anything I could think of but it just kept happening to the point where I thought I'd never really run again.  Then I saw George and he mentioned that it was likely coming from my sciatica, and after a few sessions with him that included stretches and acupuncture, the calf holds up just fine to any kind of pounding I give it.  Thanks George!"

Pete G.

"I cannot say enough positive things about George and his knowledge of various injuries and health concerns.  I have gone to many acupuncturists over the years and he is one of the most knowledgeable practitioners I have ever gone to.  He not only does acupuncture but also has a background in physical therapy and athletic training.  According to your injuries, he gives you exercises and stretches that will help your healing process.  I went to him because of a herniated disk problem in my back and have found that it is one of the few things that really relieves the discomfort in my back.  I have seen so much improvement with my pain and I feel so relaxed after each treatment.  If you have never done acupuncture before, don't be scared.  It doesn't hurt at all and he is gentle with the needles.  It is so relaxing!"

Robyn O.

"I have been working with George for several months on my low back.  I suffer from a bulging disc and have had pain in my back for quite some time.  As a competitive international athlete, staying healthy and injury free is a very important part of what I do.  George is truly a master of acupuncture.  His work on my lower back has really helped me to continue training and competing while feeling strong and confident.   He is extremely knowledgeable and professional and makes the acupuncture experience very pleasant.  I find myself so relaxed and calm during each session that I usually fall asleep and wake up refreshed and pain free.  Also, George is very personable and friendly and it is very easy to have a conversation with him during the sessions.  George also uses kinesio tape to help with my back."

Simon Shnapir - U.S. Pair Figure Skating Championship, 2011 (5th place), 2013 (Gold Medalist), 2014 (Gold Medalist) and National World Team Member

"I first met George at physical therapy.  He treated my sciatica/herniated disc for a few months immediately following an injury.  He is a true professional and know exactly what to do to relieve pain.  When I learned that he was also an licensed acupuncturist, I was intrigued and decided to give it a try.  I have had excellent results and the radiating pain that was going down my right leg for several months is gone!  I can now walk a few miles at a time once again, and can get through my exercise routine.  Oh, and it doesn't hurt! George is a real pro!"

Norine G.

"George's expertise and professionalism inspires confidence and calm in his patients.  He evaluates not just the injury for which I first came to him, but also the larger picture, examining the situation from all angles before proceeding.  He is patience and thorough, always explaining his thought process behind his course of treatment.  George has relieved my stress and training related tension in my mid-back through a combination of acupuncture, massage, and strengthening exercises.  I appreciate everyday what he has done for me."

Elizabeth Zhang - Ice Dancing 2011 4th place finished National Solo Dance Championship

"I recently received treatment for low back pain/dysfunction from George of East/West Sports Acupuncture & Orthopaedics.  I was scheduled to go to vacation when my back went into spasms.  After seeing my orthopedist she recommended acupuncture, as a way to re-set my back musculature, specifically with George.  I saw George the Monday before I was to go away on vacation (which I'd been planning for 3 months), then again the Thursday before my Friday flight.  George's treatment (combination of soft tissue massage, acupuncture/electrical stimulation, and kinesio taping) enable me to enjoy my 10 days vacation and return to function.  I truly believe I would have had a miserable vacation had it not been for the intervention of George."

Michael Cook - Off Ice Training Specialist at the Skating Club of Boston

"George is an exceptionally knowledgeable and talented acupuncture practitioner.  I have decided to give it a try after a few unsuccessful attempts to find an acupuncturist to help me with my growing pain in the low back area.  George was able to quickly understand the root cause and get the pain under control.  Regular stretching and acupuncture procedures as well as k-tape made the difference for me .  I am not completely pain free but can start transitioning to the regular exercise routine and running I have been missing for so long."

Dimitri F.


"George has done tremendous work on my arthritic hip.  When I first came to him in the spring, it was quite painful to walk and I did so with a pronounced limp.  By the end of summer I was comfortable taking long walks on the beach and biking 20 miles, and in the fall I even climbed Mt. Monadnock, something I thought I would never do again.  A big success."

Christina K. 

"I started treatments with George after MRI's of both my spine and knee followed by six months of physical therapy and had made little improvement.  I had two spinal injections and had an arthroscopy knee surgery scheduled.  After only four treatments by George I canceled the surgery because of the amazing improvement in reduction of pain and increase in mobility to both my back and my knee.  Continuing George's acupuncture treatments, which included rehabilitation and home exercises, has eliminated my knee and back pain.  I'm so thankful that a chance meeting of my daughter with George brought up the suggestion of acupuncture."

Claire B.

"I came to see George after my second unsuccessful left knee surgery.  I had undergone two surgeries and two series of Physical Therapy.  Nothing worked and endless cortisone shots, pain patches, icing, medication, and nothing seemed to work.  The doctor labeled me as a medical mystery.  When I showed up for an appointment it was obvious they didn't want to see me.  One day, a doctor recommended I go see George.  He thought maybe George could provide some relief.  After 8 sessions of acupuncture with George, I am healed! Before this, I couldn't walk down the street without a knee brace or being taped up.  George gave my life back and I am eternally grateful. If you have a chronic problem that doctor's can't fix, go see George, he's your guy!"

Donald Dalton, Associate Vice President-Financial Advisor

"Your technique has improved my life.  I am painless.  I was convinced knee surgery was my only option and as the orthopedic specialist confirmed, not even an option that was going to offer me renewed use of my knee.  Just 8 weeks of acupuncture and you have me back into my routine of walking 4 miles at a time without swelling and pain, rowing 30 minutes a day without stiffness, and getting out of a sitting position without assistance.  The anatomically correct form of my knee had not been visible for almost two years and your technique reduced the chronic inflammation until I can wear a skirt again without being self-conscious.  I knew nothing of acupuncture when I passed your door and  can't believe so many of us live our life times without knowing and benefiting from its marvelous healing results.
I am not sure I would have been comfortable enough to continue the treatments without your very thorough manner of educating me of its underlying philosophy and methodology.  Your expertise imbues you with a confidence that left me totally secure and comfortable at all times during the treatments.  And only 8 weeks to a new life! I still can't believe you don't need to see me periodically to keep me walking.  Thank you for sharing your humble yet miraculous technique with me.  And thank you for never losing faith that healing was a possibility for me even in the face of my Western inspired questioning doubt."

Dr. Sydney Zink, Ph.D

"George is fantastic! I have had chronic knee pain for the past 25 years.  In the past I have tried chiropractic treatments, as well as physical therapy to relieve my  pain, and to assist me in walking comfortably.  Each of these approaches only offered temporary relief.  Just before seeing George, I had a consult with an orthopedic surgeon.  He indicated that knee surgery was probably my remaining alternative.  Then I started to see George and within three months of treatment my knee pain was gone, swelling of my knee eliminated, and increased flexibility in ease of walking, and climbing of stairs.  The treatment I received from George is very focused and individual to my needs and concerns.  He is very patience and thoughtful in each of his treatment sessions."

Jo Ann A.

Neck Pain

"I was in a serious no fault car accident where I totaled my car in January.  George treated my whiplash a few days after and the acupuncture helped to speed my recovery time so that I could continue to work and see my own patients right after my accident.  George is a very skilled practitioner and I am very grateful to have him as part of my health care team."

Kim Foster - Acupuncturist

I highly recommend George.  I have been getting acupuncture treatments with George for neck pain due to stress/tension and scoliosis.  I became incredibly frustrated after months of physical therapy and minimal results.  George encouraged me to try acupuncture, and I'm so glad that I did.  I quickly saw positive results with his combination of acupuncture and massage worked wonders.  On top of that, he's a pleasure to work with."

Marla D.

"Since my first session with George, I felt some relief from the constant pain I had between my neck and shoulders.  The acupuncture and electrical stimulation treatments have helped me a lot, along with the stretching exercises he recommended.  The kinesio tape has also done wonders for the swelling in my knee.  George is kind, professional, and truly cares about his patients getting better.  He always made me feel comfortable.  I love the way he blends healing methods from the East and West.  George truly has the healing touch.  I will continue to tell everyone about George and I am grateful, because he has also helped other members of my family."

Martha S. - Kick Box Instructor


"George Leung at East/West Sports Acupuncture is simply the best.  I suffered for 3 years with extreme daily and nightly episodes of vertigo that would prevent sleeping, driving, walking and exercising.  After a brain MRI, trips to my primary care doctor, ear and eye specialists and neurologists I tried diets to rule out specific food triggers and was essentially hopeless.  I did get some relief from chiropractic treatments but it wasn't until a friend recommended East/West Sports Acupuncture that truly sought relief.  I had no idea how an athletic trainer/physical therapist/acupuncturist specialist could stop the room from spinning but I was desperate so I gave it a try.  When I awoke the next morning I knew my life was back.  Similar to waking when you realize your 2 weeks cold/flu is finally gone.  Please if you fight migraines, muscle strains, tightness in your neck or vertigo you should call George today so he can get you back on track.  He is very professional,  spends individual time with you and is an awesome communicator via text/email etc"

Ben Beaver

"Because of George and the acupuncture, my daily sinus headaches do not occur daily as they once did and I do not need to have surgery or take medicine daily!  I am so thankful that I found East/West Sports Acupuncture & Orthopaedics! I have more energy than I once did and truly believe it is because of acupuncture.  Thank you George!"

Mary B.

"George is a fantastic Acupuncture professional. I went to see him after months of frustration with repeated migraines and within 4-6 treatments I felt much better. He quickly pinpointed the tender spots that needed precise treatment and my migraines have been gone since then. He also is an expert at sports "taping" and can use the same methods he uses with professional athletes to tape an area that is tightening up too much and creating tension-especially the upper shoulders, which then leads to headaches and muscles tenderness. As George says: "you don't have to be a professional athlete to come see me, there is an athlete in every single patient I see." He is also extremely professional and always on time."

Elena F.


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