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George Leung, M.Ac., L.Ac., ATC/L., PTA., CKTP 

George Leung, M.Ac., L.Ac., LAT., ATC., PTA., CKTP., is the practitioner and owner of East/West Sports Acupuncture & Orthopaedics, LLC in Brookline, Massachusetts.  He received his Master's Degree in Acupuncture with a specialty in sports medicine from the New England School of Acupuncture in Newton, Massachusetts.  This comprehensive three year program encompasses Western and Eastern Medical studies and involves over 750 hours of clinical training comprised of both Chinese and Japanese styles of Acupuncture.  He is board certified and licensed to practice acupuncture in the state of Massachusetts by the Board of Medicine Committee on Acupuncture.

George has an extensive back ground specializing in sports medicine and orthopaedic injuries.  He has been in the sports and orthopaedic rehabilitation field for 20+ years practicing as an licensed Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapy Assistant. George graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in Athletic Training and a minor in Exercise Physiology.  He also earned a degree as a Physical Therapy Assistant from Newbury College.  Finally, he is also a certified Kinesio Taping Instructor and Practitioner using the original Kinesio Taping Method for 15+ years with great success. 

George's extensive experience has allowed him to developed a unique and integrative approach of treating various sports and orthopaedic acute, chronic, and post surgical conditions with optimal result.  He combines acupuncture and conventional western rehabilitation along with the kinesio taping method together to treat athletes of all caliber from the weekend warriors, the amateur, to the professionals, as well as the general orthopaedic population.  His approach will restore functional health and overall well-being for the injured athlete.  

George enjoys treating such professional athletes as the Boston Red Sox players, New England Patriots players, Boston Cannons, Blazers, and Rockhoppers  lacrosse players,  Olympians, National and World level U.S.A. Figure Skaters, Boston Ballet dancers, competitive runners and marathon runners, crossfit competitors, mixed martial arts competitors, and all amateur youth level sports.  He is affiliated with the MLB, the Boston Red Sox serving as the team contact acupuncturist, the NLL, the Boston Blazers as the "Official Acupuncturist of the Boston Blazers," and the NALL, the Boston Rockhoppers as the "Official Acupuncturist of the Boston Rockhoppers."

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