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Welcome to East/West Sports Acupuncture & Orthopaedics, LLC, a practice that specializes in sports medicine, acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions, and post-operative surgical orthopedic conditions.   East/West Sports Acupuncture & Orthopaedics, LLC unique approach integrates both Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture) and Western orthopedics and sports medicine methods (athletic training and physical therapy); acupuncture, rehabilitation, and the kinesiology taping method together to holistically treat each individual's injury or condition.  At East/West Sports Acupuncture & Orthopaedics, LLC the practitioner is experienced and educated in using the latest evidenced based research acupuncture, rehabilitation, and taping techniques to provide a positive outcome in patient's recovery. The goal of East/West Sports Acupuncture & Orthopaedics, LLC is to promote recovery and resolved the injury or condition by reducing pain and swelling, increasing range of motion, restoring mobility, strengthening weakened parts of the injured body, strengthening the immune system and speeding healing time.  East/West Sports Acupuncture & Orthopaedics, LLC will get patients back to functional activity and health as quickly and safely as possible.

What sets East/West Sports Acupuncture & Orthopaedics, LLC apart from all the other acupuncture practice is that it's the only sports specialized acupuncture practice in the Greater Boston area and the entire Eastern Massachusetts region that only see and treat patients with sports-related, orthopedic and musculoskeletal injury and conditions.

Sports Acupuncture Modalities:

  • Chinese Acupuncture
  • Japanese Acupuncture
  • Dry Needling (Acupuncture)
  • Trigger Point Needling (Acupuncture)
  • Motor Point Needling (Acupuncture)
  • Ankle-Wrist Acupuncture
  • Electrical Stimulation Acupuncture
  • Infrared Dry Heat Lamp
  • Cupping
  • Moxibustion
  • Gwa Sha
  • Tuina

Sports Medicine Rehabilitation Modalities:

  • Joint Mobilization
  • Soft Tissue Mobilization
  • PNF/Stretching
  • Massage
  • Therapeutic Exercises

Kinesiology Taping Method:

  • Normalize muscle function 
  • Reduce pain, spasms and swelling
  • Improve lymphatic and blood flow
  • Correct joint mal-alignment 


"Thank you for keeping me healthy and enabling me to play in great shape!"

Hilary Knight #21 USA Women Ice Hockey, 2010 Vancouver Olympian Silver Medalist, 2014 Sochi Olympian Silver Medalist, 2018 PyeonyChang Olympian Gold Medalist, NWHL Boston Pride 

"Thanks for all your help in keeping me feeling good!"

Meghan Duggan #10 USA Women Ice Hockey, 2010 Vancouver Olympian Silver Medalist, 2014 Sochi Olympian Silver Medalist, 2018 PyeonyChang Olympian Gold Medalist, NWHL Boston Pride

                                                "Thank you for all your incredible work!"

Marissa Castelli and Simon Shnapir, 2014 Sochi Olympians, USA Pairs Figure Skating and USA Team Bronze Medalist

"Thank you for the treatment."

Mirai Nagasu, 2018 Pyeongchang Olympian, USA  Team Bronze Medalist

"Thank you for keeping the legs going"

Erika Kemp - USA Professional Runner, Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.) High Performance Team

"Thank you! Run ugly but recovery pretty"

Dana Giordano - USA Professional Runner, Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.) High Performance Team

"Thank you for keeping me in one piece!"

Elaina Tabb - USA Professional Runner, Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.) High Performance Team

"Thank you!"

Jacob  Thomson - USA Professional Runner, Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.) High Performance Team

"Thank you for keeping me running healthy"

Lianne Farber - USA Professional Runner, New Balance Boston Team

"Thank you so much for helping me stay healthy. You are the best!"

Katrina Coogan - USA Professional Runner, New Balance Boston Team

"Thanks for the Acupuncture treatments and keeping me healthy."

Boston Red Sox, Hideki Okajima #37

"Thanks for everything, all the best!"

Boston Red Sox, Jonathan Papelbon #58

"Thanks for the help! Best Wishes."

Boston Red Sox, Dustin Pedroia #15 

"Thanks for helping get my toe right! Best Wishes."

Boston Red Sox, Mike Aviles #3

"Thank you"

Boston Red Sox, Jacoby Ellsbury #2

"Thanks for everything!"

Boston Red Sox, Ryan Kalish #55

"George, thank you for your help! Keeping me on pointe."

Chyrstn Mariah, Boston Ballet

"George, thanks for helping me to get back on the stage!"

Roddy Doble, Boston Ballet

"Thank you for your help!"

Hannah Bettes, Boston Ballet

"Thank you so much!"

Reina Sawai, Boston Ballet

"Thank you very much."

Rie Ichikawa, Boston Ballet

"Thank you so much for your help and for keeping me dancing."

Andy Garcia, Boston Ballet

"George, thank you for your help!"

Maria Alvarez, Boston Ballet

"Thank you for your help keeping me doing what I love!"

Haley Schwan, Boston Ballet

"George, thank you for your healing!"

Lauren Herfindahl, Boston Ballet

"George, thank you very much for your expertise!"

Mallory Mehaffey, Boston Ballet

"Thank you George"

Seo Hye Han, Boston Ballet

"Thank You"

Sage Humphries, Boston Ballet

"George, Thank you so much for helping me keep my body healthy"

Derek Dunn, Boston Ballet

"Thank you George for keeping me  dancing, I really appreciate it!"

My'Kal Stromile, Boston Ballet

"Thank you for helping with my shoulder!"

Cathy Basrak, Boston Symphony Orchestra - Viola

"Thank you so much for helping me out.  You are great!"

Mihail Jajatu, Boston Symphony Orchestra - Cello

"I manage hundreds of local runners preparing for the Boston Marathon through my business, CharityTeams.  With this intense running come injuries.  My friend had recommended acupuncture with George Leung, so I sent my son who was also training for the Boston Marathon but I was initially a bit afraid having never had acupuncture before.  After his first treatment, my son's knee discomfort started to subside.  After two treatments it was gone and he was back running.  I then decided to try acupuncture.  I also had a bad knee discomfort behind the knee and into my calf so much that I could not even walk.  After one treatment, my knee felt one hundred times better and after several weekly treatments, I felt better than ever and was able to run pain free.  The tightness in my knee that I had for years is gone completely.
For my other runners I work with through my business CharityTeam, they too experienced the same results that were fast and the treatments were relaxing and soothing.  I even had two runners that almost did not start the race because of injuries and they went to George and all were very happy with the results.  I have sent over twenty runners to George and all were very happy with the results.
George is very professional and his techniques is something he has learned and mastered over many years of practice.  He knows the body well.  After going to acupuncture now, I am completely hooked on it and will continue to use it in the training of my runners.  Thank you George at East/West Sports Acupuncture & Orthopaedics, LLC!  You got us to the finish line!"

Susan A Hurley -  Marathon Runner, Owner of CharityTeams

"I came to East/West Sports Acupuncture & Orthopaedics on the recommendation of a good friend who had been seeing George after a shoulder dislocation.  Her recovery was miraculous and she credits this large part to East/West Sports Acupuncture & Orthopaedics.  As a competitive CrossFit athlete, injuries are unavoidable, but mine happened right as my competition season was about to start.  I thought I was going to have to sit this year out while I healed.  George was not only able to help me feel so much better, he made it possible for me to compete and finished in the top 100 in the world. George is a phenomenal clinician.  His background in athletic training and physical therapy coupled with his expertise in acupuncture make him the best ally to an athlete.  When you play a sport, or any kind, you rely on your body every day.  When you sustain an injury you feel like your body is letting you down.  George helped to to keep my injury at bay and allowed me to continue training and compete.  He encourages me to be positive every day and work hard.  That was exactly what I needed and I'll be forever grateful.  Everyone should have someone like George in their corner."

               Jodie Cohen, CrossFit competitor, co-owner of Newton CrossFit, MA

"Thanks for the treatment, feeling good!"

Boston Blazers, Casey Powell #22  

"As a professional athlete that's logged a few miles on my tires, George provided fantastic treatment to a nagging ankle injury.  Combining acupuncture and traditional rehab techniques enhanced my recovery and helped me increase my range of motion while decreasing discomfort and pain during competition. Thanks again George, I'll no doubt be back soon!"

Boston Blazers, Boston Cannons, Jack Reid #18

"I was impressed with George's Knowledge of acupuncture techniques and of the many acupuncture methods that are beneficial for athletes.  He let me know what he was going to do and the reason for doing it.  I never thought of acupuncture as an effective recovery method for athletes but I have to say he made a positive impact.  I will be back next season."

Boston Blazers, Boston Cannons, Mike Stone #41

"I came to George with two pulled hamstrings.  Looking for anything to help get me back on the floor, and having tried acupuncture before I was happy to connect with George.  From the moment I walked into the door his first concern was getting me back to a playable condition, and despite my desire to get back immediately he advised me to take it slow, and that was a great comfort knowing he wanted me to return at full strength.  After a few sessions of acupuncture and Kinesio tape I was feeling great and able to return to playing full time with follow-up visits I was able to continue playing without any interruption.  I would 100% recommend George to any athlete suffering from any injury to help in the healing process and get back to playing quicker."

Boston Rockhoppers 2013 NALL Champions, Ryan Hoffmeister #16

"George's treatment brings together the best of eastern and western medicine.  He is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating, and always willing to help educate as well as treat his patients."

Loren Galler Rabinowitz, Miss Massachusetts 2010


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